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Hairless and hypoallergenic dogs

Being a dog lover and having a dog allergy is a dilemma many find themselves in. So what is there to do when the overwhelming pull of canine companionship is growing stronger but a severe case of the sniffles is standing in your way? Whilst no dog is guaranteed to not trigger a reaction, hairless and hypoallergenic dogs can be a good compromise for those with a mild allergy. Discover more about these types of dogs and what breed could be best for you.

Poodle cross lying on Omlet’s Nest Dog Bed

Poodle cross lying on Omlet’s Nest Dog Bed.

Hairless dogs

Hairless dogs - the ultimate solution for those who want a pup of their own but suffer from allergies…right? Well, not necessarily. Whilst dog hair can be a significant trigger for many allergic reactions, flying fur isn’t always responsible.

In fact, all dogs have protein in their saliva, urine and dead skin cells (dander), which too, can cause allergic reactions. It’s actually the pet hair that then holds onto dander and dust, and in turn, allergies are triggered. This is why even a lick from a dog can cause a reaction for those with severe allergies.

This being said, hairless dogs produce less dander, and no hair means no shedding. Hairless dogs also come with the added benefit of requiring fewer trips to the groomers for haircuts! They do, however, need regular baths to keep their skin healthy and are more susceptible to doggy sunburn, so owners should take extra measures such as applying canine sunscreen in the summer months.

Hairless dog breeds

In the US, hairless dogs aren’t particularly common, with there only being four officially recognized breeds. These are the Chinese crested, Mexican hairless AKA Xoloitzcuintli, Peruvian inca orchid and American hairless terrier. Other breeds such as the Ecuadorian hairless dog and Argentine pila are two more hairless dogs, but these are not officially recognized as they’re commonly said to be variations of existing breeds.

Dogs with hypoallergenic coats

As with hairless dogs, even dogs labelled as ‘hypoallergenic’ cannot be 100% hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic dogs shed very little hair, and their dander does not contain the offending protein. Some dogs with hair are also said to be hypoallergenic because of their coat type. Wiry and curly-haired breeds tend to be best for those with dog allergies, as their dense coats don’t allow flurries of hair and dander every time they’re caught in a draught from an open door.

Hypoallergenic dog breeds

Hypoallergenic coats are not determined by the length of hair. A boxer, for example, has short hair but can cause violent symptoms in someone with a dog allergy.

In fact, you may be surprised by some breeds with hypoallergenic coats, such as the long-haired Afghan hound. The poodle is also a great choice, as well as various poodle crossbreeds such as the labradoodle, cockapoo or the smaller shih-poo. Other hypoallergenic breeds include the barbet, Brussels griffon, Irish terrier, miniature schnauzer, and various terriers including the fox terrier and West Highland terrier.

Dog allergy treatment

If you suspect you’re allergic to dogs, it’s important to contact your health professional to provide you with a test, prior to bringing your new furry friend home. But, finding out whether a particular breed is going to be okay in a household with an allergy sufferer can only be done by spending time with the dog, or a different dog of the same breed. For example, some people have no problem with Yorkshire terriers, whereas others come out in hives and sneezes.

If you do discover you have a minor allergy to your dog, there are measures you can take to minimize symptoms. Keep on top of shedding by vacuuming the floors and cleaning your dog’s bed. The Bolster Dog Bed is the perfect easy-to-clean dog bed option, with a removable cover that can simply be removed and thrown in the wash to prevent the build-up of debris and hair. Plus, it’s available with the option of designer feet, improving home hygiene by increasing airflow, and reducing dust and debris. You can also steam clean your furniture and wipe down all surfaces frequently. An air purifier with a HEPA filter is also a great idea, as is having your vents cleaned.

Omlet and your hairless and hypoallergenic dog

Considering a hairless or hypoallergenic dog? At Omlet, we’ve got just what you need to bring you and your dog closer, regardless of breed. From dog beds with removable covers to dog cooling mats and dog leashes, we have designed our range of dog products to help owners continue to build a wondrous connection with their pets every day.

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