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Should I get an adult dog?

With years of training and experience behind them, an adult dog can make for the perfect pet for many families. Yet, puppies remain the ever-popular choice for new pet parents. The decision of what age dog to get can be tricky, so keep reading and uncover the answer to whether you should get an adult dog.

Why rescue an adult dog?

Feel good feeling

It’s a fantastic feeling when you adopt a rescue dog, and knowing that you’re making a huge difference to their quality of life. Plus, with any donations you make to the shelter, you might even be saving the life of another pet.

Family-friendly Fidos

Adopting an adult dog is also a great choice for families. Many rescue dogs are already house trained, socialized and may have even come from a family with children before. Just ensure to speak to your rescue center about which dogs would be suitable and have everyone visit your potential new addition before bringing them home. As with puppies, it’s also important to teach your children how to behave around dogs so that boundaries can be set on both ends. Take a look at the Omlet guide on dogs and children for more information.

Older dogs and older people

Rescuing an adult dog also means the option of adopting an older dog. Don’t let the gray muzzle of an older canine deter you - there are plenty of benefits of welcoming home an aging pup. For one, they’re a great choice for older people. With their calmer, docile nature, older dogs need less walking than their younger counterparts and would much rather enjoy cuddling up on the couch or the Omlet Bolster Dog Bed.

Cut the costs

Owning a dog doesn’t come for free but adopting an adult dog over a puppy could save you a lot of money. Whilst rescues often have a small fee which covers any necessary veterinary expenses, pedigree puppies and even crossbreed dogs can cost thousands of dollars. That’s not to mention the many dog beds new puppy parents find themselves throwing away before discovering a bed durable enough to withstand puppy claws and jaws. The Topology Dog Bed was designed to live forever, so whether you opt for an older dog or piranha-toothed puppy, you can be assured that it will be one purchase you won’t have to make twice.

Any downsides to rescuing an adult dog?

Additional needs

The downsides of adopting an adult dog are mainly to do with their background. Whilst not every dog in a rescue center has had a troubled past, many may be wary of people or other dogs due to a lack of socialization, or a negative experience. Fortunately, with adequate training, your new four-legged friend will be able to gain trust in new owners who show them unconditional love.

Potty problems

When it comes to toilet training, most adult dogs will have been house-trained already. But, if they haven’t been, it can take a little more persistence and patience than it would with a puppy to get this right. The key to successful house training is to provide plenty of praise when your pooch goes to the bathroom where you want them to. In our previous guide How to train your dog to go to the toilet, you can find out some more of our top tips for making this go smoothly.

Old dog, new tricks?

Yes, it’s a myth that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks! Adult dogs are perfectly capable of learning, they catch on quickly, and many are more willing to learn – especially if they have a few tricks up their sleeves already. Plus, a trick training session is a great way of providing some mental stimulation for your rescue dog.

Omlet and your adult dog

Whether you decide to adopt an adult dog or decide a puppy is best for you, at Omlet, we believe the pet and person connection is what truly matters. That’s why we design products to support our furry friends and their owners too. From our easy-to-clean Topology Dog Beds and Bolster Dog Bed with a memory foam mattress, to dog crates that double as furniture, we strive to create everything you and Fido need to keep building a wondrous connection.

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