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Rabbit Dry Skin

Whilst sometimes dandruff can be the result of a temporary dryness of the skin, it may also be the result of a mite infestation. If, during your health checks, you notice that there are a lot of white flakes in your rabbit’s fur, then it could well be a sign that they have mites.

 Flemish Giant Rabbit
Some rabbits suffer from dry skin

Some owners report that their rabbits get dry skin whilst moulting, but the most common cause of dandruff is still mites. Take a look at the Rabbit Parasites page for more information on what mites are and how you can identify them. It may be a good idea to take your rabbits to the vets to help get rid of them, especially if you’ve never done it yourself before.

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Staci, 5 April 2021

We don’t have veterinarians close to us that treat rabbits so I called a veterinarian that does and she said it sounds like our rabbit just has dry skin they are small patch of dry skin and the other rabbits don’t have this just the one and he loves being near the heater. Could you please let me know what I can topically put on his little scales spots? He doesn’t have a lot but it’s still uncomfortable for him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!