Rabbit Dry Skin

Whilst sometimes dandruff can be the result of a temporary dryness of the skin, it can also be the result of mites. If, during your health checks, you notice that there are lots of white flakes in your rabbit’s coat, then it could be that your rabbit is infected with mites, parasites that live in your rabbit’s fur.

Make sure you check your rabbits' coats regularly for signs of irriation, infestation, injury or illness

Whilst some owners report that their rabbits get dry skin when they are moulting, regularly the cause of ‘dandruff’ is mites. Have a look at our Rabbit Parasites page for more information on what mites are, and how to identify them. It might be a good idea to take your rabbit to see a veterinary nurse if you’ve never diagnosed this problem in your pets before. They will be able to give you a diagnosis, help you see a vet, or offer a treatment.

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