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Rabbit Tooth Problems

A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing. In the wild they have to eat a huge amount of plant matter to stay alive, and because of this they need hardy teeth that will last them a lifetime. By supplying your pets with a balanced diet that contains a good amount of roughage, you should be able to keep their teeth in check. Another option is to provide something they can chew on, such as a chew or a gnaw - these are specially made items that allow rabbits to wear down their teeth on something safely.

 Rabbits like to gnaw
Up to gnaw good – rabbits like to nibble things!

If you notice that your rabbit is dribbling, has sores around its mouth, cuts on its body or is not eating, there could be a problem with their teeth. In such situations it is best to take your rabbit to a vets.

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Brenda, 7 September 2018

We rescued a Holland Lop that we named Colt. He had been inbred so that they could get a very small rabbit. He is under 3 pounds. By doing this, the breeders created a serious incisor malocclusion. His bottom incisors grew up in front of his eyes and his top incisors grew around into the roof of his mouth. He only had 1 peg tooth that was sharp like a toothpick. Instead of trimming them every 2 weeks as we had been doing, we decided to have the teeth extracted. It is the best decision we made for Colt. We dice his fruit and shred his veggies but everything else he eats just like every other rabbit.