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Should I Get Rabbits If I Have A Dog Or A Cat?

Owning a dog or a cat will make keeping rabbits a little bit harder, as you will have to find a space where the canine and feline won’t be able to access. Rabbits are prey animals and in the wild dogs and even cats would be their predators. Even if you have the kindest of dogs, your rabbit will be very nervous when they’re nearby. You will need to keep all larger animals away from your rabbit cage.

 Rabbit and dog
Best of friends? Not usually…

One important thing to remember is to never let your rabbits out of their cage when your cat or dog can access them. Not only will this be very stressful for the rabbit involved, but also dangerous as the dog’s or cat’s predatory instincts may kick in. Even if your dog is kind, they might still try to play with the bunny which could lead to injuries or worse.

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