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What Rabbits Should I Get?

The more picky people out there will be glad to hear that there are hundreds of different rabbit types to choose from! Rabbits were first domesticated thousands of years ago, and all this time that humans and rabbits have spent together has led to the breeding of many different types with unique coloring and shape. All rabbits follow the same basic shape, but there can be big differences in the size and appearance of different breeds.

Since there are so many different types to choose from, we have made a section to help. Our Breed Guide offers detailed descriptions of dozens of different breeds, alongside photographs to help you decide which one you like the most. Rest assured, whatever type you eventually settle on, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these wonderful little animals as much as we do.

Rabbit breed
There are many rabbit breeds to choose from.

For first time owners we recommend you choose a small to medium sized breed that is known to be docile. Some good options which fill these criteria include the Dutch Rabbits, or Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. If you are buying a couple of rabbits on behalf of your children, keep in mind that it will eventually be you who will be doing all the caring for them. Younger children shouldn’t be given the responsibilities of looking after one.

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