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Should I Get Rabbits Or A Cat?

Rabbits and cats are two very different animals and both have different needs. Both species can make for great pets, but which is best for you will depend on your own personal circumstances. How much time do you have? Do you have enough outside space? Do you have enough for their upkeep?

Both animals can be solely house pets, but it is always nice for them if they are allowed to go outside. We have outdoor enclosures for both of these pets on our website which will ensure that they can go outside safely and avoid any dangers such as poisonous plants and predators for the rabbits, and other cats and cars for the felines.

 Rabbit lop eared Rex
It’s me or the cat!

As with any other pets, both rabbits and cats need daily care. Both will need water, food and attention for their owners on a daily basis. Both will also need a regular health check.

These two animals aren’t very similar at all. Some key differences include diet - cats are carnivores whereas rabbits are herbivores, companionship requirements - rabbits will need another rabbit to keep them company, and lifespan - cats live much longer than rabbits.

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