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Argente de Champagne Rabbits

Argente de champagne Argente de champagne Argente de champagne

Argente de Champagne History

The Argenté de Champagne has ancient origins dating right back to the 17th Century. The development of this breed has likely led to the creation of the English Silver, which has a very similar coat, desired by breeders of the Argente de Champagne. As breeding developed further into the Troyes area of France, tanneries in the region allowed breeder to enhance the skin as well as the meat. At the time the silver skin was very popular and became subject to a very lucrative market. The Argente de Champagne was also linked to the fur market. There was a huge fall in the number of breeders in 1870 due to overproduction, but the breed thrived once again from 1895 into the early 20th Century. In 1902 the Argente de Champagne was officially recognised in France. The Argente de Champagne is a medium sized rabbit, which usually weighs between 8.8 and 12.1lb (4 - 5.5kg). It has a silver, well rounded, arched body, a concave head and two medium length ears.

Argente de Champagne Behaviour

The Argente de Champagne is a docile rabbit that can be raised as a pet, but it’s mainly bred for meat production in France. It can be made to breed at 7 months and often yields 62% good quality meat per carcass.

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