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Steenjonijn (Stone Rabbit)

Steenjonijn (Stone Rabbit) History

The Steenkonijn is an old Belgium breed. They were traditionally bred for meat, with the UK being the largest market. The name Steenkonijn translates to stone rabbit, which was the slaughter weight of this breed.

It is not known when this breed first appeared, but it is thought they were the product of breeding a domestic rabbit with the wild European rabbit. The breed had almost reached its end at the start of the 20th century. A breeder called Delounois is credited with bringing the breed back from the edge. This was done by selectively breeding from individuals that resembled the Steenkonijn and after some time he had created the same breed once again. He then took his work to show in 1932, and by 1934 his rabbits were officially recognised as Steenkonijn. Today this breed isn’t too popular, and is only really bred properly in Belgium.

These rabbits can weigh between 2 and 3kg, and they are stocky with short necks and a broad head.

Steenjonijn (Stone Rabbit) Behaviour

These rabbits are very inquisitive and fairly lively. They are good natured and friendly and would make great pets for adults or older children.

Steenjonijn (Stone Rabbit) Varieties

Grey, hare coloured, and steel grey.

Steenjonijn (Stone Rabbit) Status


Steenjonijn (Stone Rabbit) Pictures

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