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Chinchilla Rabbits

Chinchilla rabbit against a white background Chinchilla rabbit in the grass.

Chinchilla History

Chinchilla rabbits include three different rabbit breeds, the Standard, the American and the Giant, and they are all bred to have the same coat that resembles that of a Chinchilla. All three Chinchilla rabbits are recognised by the American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA).

Chinchilla rabbits originated from France where they were bred to standard by a man named M. J. Dybowski. They were later introduced to the US in 1919 where they were then bred from meat and fur. They have a large body mass (particularly the American Chinchillas) which makes them perfect for both of these trades, and on top of that they are very good breeders with an average of 6 - 9 kits per litter.

Chinchilla Behaviour

In general, all three Chinchilla rabbit breeds are pretty docile with a particularly gentle nature. They are very intelligent animals who enjoy human interaction, and make good house rabbits (even if you have children).

Chinchilla Varieties

Standard Chinchilla
The Standard Chinchilla is the original compact bodied Chinchilla breed with rollback fur.

American Chinchilla
This breed, like the Standard has a roll back coat, but has a much larger body size. This is why they are often referred to as the “Heavyweight Chinchilla”.

Giant Chinchilla
The Giant Chinchilla originates from the US where it was developed by crossing Chinchilla rabbits with Flemish Giants. This breed was used almost solely for commercial meat, rather than pets.

Chinchilla Status


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