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Dutch rabbits, along with the English, were the most popular pet and exhibition rabbits a position that has now been filled by the Lop breeds. Originally from Holland or Belgium, the breed is striking in its appearance with a white blaze carrying up to a point between the ears, a saddle of colour continuing right around the middle of the rabbit with a straight edge and white markings on the hind feet. Their coat should be glossy and they are a medium size rabbit weighing 2.04-2.26kg (4.5-5lb).


Dutch rabbits are very lively and alert and should make good pets although a prospective owner should be looking for a breeder that handles the rabbits regularly from a young age so that the rabbit is not too jumpy.


Black, Blue, Chocolate, Yellow, Tortoiseshell. Steel Grey, Brown Grey, Pale Grey


Fairly common

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Look no further if you're after a family pet... - Sasha,

Got my buck 10 years ago and he's still going strong. If you want a family pet, this is the rabbit for you. The Dutch is friendly, loving, and gets on with other household pets. I have never seen any aggression demonstrated to anyone in my time owning the breed, or any of my other animals. In fact mine can get quite over friendly with my spaniel! I have marked the breed down on hardiness as mine had to be brought inside for a few winters, though if you know how to deal with this and don't mind bringing them into an indoor cage, then this is not a problem. I will not have any other breed now as the Dutch has it all.

- Holly,

I love my bunny she is very loveable and very social she hops up to us in the garden but can sometimes get a bit grumpy also she doesn't like to be picked up but neither would I in her position.

very cute - Pippa,

We have a black and white Dutch male rabbit called Sooty. He's 8 years old and such a lovely pet, my baby sister plays with him and she's only 22 months old. He loves to be brushed and cuddled.

Dutch - Elena,

I have two Dutch rabbits a blue and a black. If you are looking to show this breed then you really have to have an understanding of them. Judges look at every detail of their marking and their built. One splotch of color where it should be white is a disqualification. Other than that the Dutch is a friendly breed and great for first time rabbit owners. If they are adopted as kits then they will bond more quickly with their owner. They can be a bit sassy but all rabbits can, it depends on their personality. I believe that Dutch are the prettiest breeds around, the markings are beautiful. The Dutch come in six colors- Tortoise, Chocolate, Black, Steel, Blue, and Grey.

Legend - ,

My Dutch rabbit Nibbles is my fav boy forever! He is such a wee rascal. He was getting lonely so i got him a doe for company they get on like a house on fire. He needs plenty of space to play and RUN! He will jump out of his hutch wen he decides he wants to.He used to always escape to the garden but now hes more a home boy and likes to stay beside his mate Primrose. He also loves my French lazy lop Starsky and still plays with him ! I wud definitly recommend a Dutch buck As A RABBIT. BUT NOT A FIRST TIME OWNER

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