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Dwarf Swiss Fox Rabbits

Dwarf Swiss Fox History

The Dwarf Swiss Fox became a recognised breed in the Netherlands in 1994. It is thought that both Dutch and German breeders played a part in the Dwarf Swiss Fox’s creation by crossing Swiss Fox rabbits with Dwarf Polish rabbits (also known as Netherlands Dwarfs).

Dwarf Swiss Fox Behaviour

These rabbits have a temperament similar to their larger cousins in that they are calm and docile. They are very rarely kept by anyone other than breeders and rabbit fanciers which is a shame as they would back good pets for the general public.

Dwarf Swiss Fox Varieties

Dwarf Swiss Fox rabbits commonly come in albino (both red and blue eyed). It is likely that they are available in all colours that the Swiss Fox comes in but due to their rarity little is known about the breed.

Dwarf Swiss Fox Status


Dwarf Swiss Fox Pictures

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