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British Giant Rabbits

British giant rabbit against a white background

British Giant History

The British Giant became recognised as a separate breed in the UK in the 1940s. It was bred from varying colours of Flemish Giant rabbits and is now commonly found in white, black, blue, grey steel and opal. The British Giant is only really recognised in the UK.

British Giants should weigh between 15 and 16 pounds (5.5 - 7kg). They should also have a long body, a straight back, powerful legs and large erect ears.

British Giant Behaviour

Similar to the Flemish Giant, British Giants have a friendly and calm temperament. They very rarely show aggression, and tend to prefer lazing around which makes them perfect pets for children.

British Giant Varieties

White, Black, Blue, Grey steel, Opal

British Giant Status

Fairly common

British Giant Pictures

jessica rabbit enjoying the sunshine

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