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Silver Fox Rabbits

A lovely silver fox rabbit with it's ears pushed back A beautiful silver fox rabbit with wonderful dark fur Black silverfox rabbit

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Silver Fox History

The first Silver Fox rabbits were exhibited in 1926, having been created from the original Chinchilla breed. In America, our Silver Fox is called the Silver Marten with their own Silver Fox a much larger rabbit, created by crossing Checkered Giants with Silvers. The Silver Fox rabbit has a coat of even colour with white ticking from silver tipped hairs around the chest, flanks and feet. The rabbit has brown, grey or lilac eyes and each eye is circled neatly with under colour. The coat is very dense but beautifully silky. Adult Silver Fox can weigh up to 3.17kg (7lb).

Silver Fox Behaviour

The Silver Fox can make a good pet if it is handled well, offered companionship and provided with sufficient space to have regular exercise.

Silver Fox Varieties

Black (dark blue under colour), Blue, Chocolate (slate under colour), Lilac

Silver Fox Status

Fairly common

Silver Fox Pictures

A black and white bunny rabbit sat in its food bowl
Here is a photograph of my Black Silver Fox doe. These rabbits are very friendly and have very lustrous fur.
A blue silver fox (american. different than uk silver fox!) doe, named otis.
Silver fox rabbit

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British Standard Silver Fox - Sarah,

The Silver Fox (known as Silver Marten in the United States) is a strikingly beautiful rabbit. It's white ticking is unique to the breed and creates a wonderful contrast with its solid body colour. These are increasingly rare as both a pet and a show rabbit and I would encourage those thinking of breeding for show and conservation to consider the Silver Fox - you won't regret it!

- An Omleteer,

We have a Silver Fox crossed with a Dutch dwarf. She is a beautiful rabbit and the vets have remarked what a good looking rabbit she is. Very friendly and loves being stroked and will sit for ages enjoying it. Her fur is silky soft even when she is going through her major moult. We love her and at 8 years old she still runs around the garden every day.

Wrong Brred - Allison,

That is a sliver martin not a sliver fox !!!;;;

K3 silver foxes - Jrabbit,

your picture on the sight was a sliver martin not a silver fox. i have one and they are not popular at all and most people dont even know the breed. i love the breed. they are so docial and sweet. thank you

Wispper - Ella,

I have a black Silver Fox rabbit with brown eyes. She is very friendly and never bites or scratches. She can go outside without a lead because she never runs away and she used to be an amazing jumper and runner but she is to old now. She is 7 years old and would fall over if she tried a jump but can still run quite fast. She can be handled very easily and makes a very good show rabbit because whenever I take her to the Marymas fair their is a pet show and I enter her and my dog Cody. Apart from Wispper their are normally about 30 dogs and she always looks very calm and wins 1st place!