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Blanc de Hotot Rabbits

A lovely white hotot rabbit with incredible blue eyes Three beautiful little hotot rabbits

Blanc de Hotot History

This breed was developed by a breeder (Eugenie Bernhard) in Hotot en Auge, Normandy, France. The Blanc de Hotot was created in 1912 after 10 years of breeding Checkered Giant, White Vienna and White Flemish Giant rabbits. They were officially recognised as a breed in 1922. Numbers dwindled in WW2, but the population soon recovered.

This breed has white fur apart from the characteristic black circles around its eyes. The circles around the eyes should be 0.32 to 0.64 cm to be considered a Blanc de Hotot.

Blanc de Hotot Behaviour

This breed is a docile breed that enjoys lots of affection.

Blanc de Hotot Varieties

There are no variations in colour with this breed.

Blanc de Hotot Status


Blanc de Hotot Pictures

Adult Hotot - can for size reference, they're a fairly large breed!

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