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Lux Rabbits

Lux History

The Lux was created by Dusseldorf rabbit breeder K. Hoffmans who was also responsible for the Perlfee (a breed that shares many similarities with the Lux). It is believed that crossings between Perlfees, Marburgers, Tans and Sables all took place in the development of the Lux.

The Lux was first shown in Germany in 1919 and recognised there in 1922, which is when it acquired its name.

The Lux has since spread throughout continental Europe but is virtually unheard of in the United Kingdom and USA.

Lux Behaviour

The breed has a friendly temperament and can make a perfect pet for adults and calm children.

Lux Varieties

The Lux only comes in one colour variety: Pure white under colour, warm orange base coat with blue/silver tips to the hair.

Lux Status


Lux Pictures

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