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Perlfee Rabbits

Perlfee History

The Perlfee was developed in the early 20th century by several breeders in Germany. One of these breeders was K. Hoffmans from Dusseldorf. He wished to breed a rabbit with a pelt similar to that of a Siberian squirrel, as at the time this fur was in high demand. Hoffmans crossed the Marburger with the Havana, and named the result the Dusseldorfer Perlfee. Another breeder from Augsburg called Deiniger crossed Agouti rabbits with Havanas to achieve a breed that was very similar. Deiniger called this breed the Augsbuurger Perlfee. After a while the two breeds were combined to create the Perlfee breed we see today.

This breed hasn’t spread far from Germany. They can be found in France and the UK, but not in large numbers. Perlfee rabbits weigh between 2 and 3.5kg, and are of square build with a very short muscular neck.

Perlfee Behaviour

This breed is friendly, sweet natured and lively.

Perlfee Varieties

There is no variation on the blue-grey pearl like colour.

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