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Mini Lop Rabbits

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Mini Lop History

The breed’s roots are in Holland where a dutch rabbit breeder by the name of Adriann de Cock bred large Lop breeds like the French Lop together with Netherland Dwarfs between 1949 and 1950.

After years of selective breeding the first Holland Lops were shown in 1964 and caused quite the sensation as they took the title for smallest lop breed weighing in at 2-2.5 kg.

It took 10 years for Holland Lops to be imported to Britain by a Yorkshire man named George Scott. Scott selectively bred his smallest Holland Lops for years to produce a miniature breed which was aptly named the ‘Miniature Lop’.

In 1994 the British Rabbit Council recognised the Miniature Lop as a breed with the breed standard having a maximum weight of 1.6 kg.

Mini Lop Behaviour

Miniature Lops are renowned for their intelligent and playful temperament. They enjoy playing with toys and being around their families but will get bored if they don’t have enough stimulation.

As with any rabbit they can be skittish and fearful if they are not socialised from an early age, so make sure you buy from a reputable breeder and spend plenty of time handling them.

Mini Lop Varieties

The main colour variations for the Miniature Lop are agouti, blue, black, brown, Chinchilla, brown, sealpoint, fawn, fox and butterfly.

Mini Lop Status

Fairly common

Mini Lop Pictures

Sitting on a chair like a human! :)
Two rabbits investigating a pineapple
Super cute in the sun!
MinI lop
MinI lop
MinI lop
MinI lop
MinI lop
Charcoal and Cocoa
Meet Midnight
Black Mini Lop
‘just leave me to eat the grass woman’
Smudge: Did somebody say food?!
Our 3 week old bunnies!! About to enter the omlet- but not yet!!
Mini Lop my Little Eddie exploring (eating) an empty box
spring is just around the corner!!!
new omlet!!
Blue harlequin mini lop buck - buddleia bunnies
Magpie mini lop
Mini-lop, Charcol
new rabbit !
Bunny pile
!!soooo cute
!!soooo cute
By Z and B

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beautiful breed - Lops,

I've always owned mini lops from being a little girl and this year I decided to breed which was wonderful They are a friendly breed who loves cuddles I tend to find males are more cuddly than some females They like to play so toys are a must even if it's a toilet roll :)