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Polish Rabbits

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Polish History

The exact origin of the Polish rabbit is unknown, despite the common misconception that it is linked to the English white hutch rabbit. However, what we do know is that it was first exhibited in the UK in 1884, where breeder selectively breed the more active and upright looking rabbits.

The Polish rabbit is a small breed mostly kept as pets, with short ears that are rarely separated. It’s often confused with the Netherland Dwarf, but the Polish is a little larger with a more rounded head. In the US, the Polish rabbit is often used as a fancy exhibition breed as well as pets, and should weigh between 2 ½ and 3 ½ pounds (1.1kg and 1.6kg).

Polish Behaviour

These small rabbits are perfect house pets as they don’t need a lot of space to roam. A comfortable sized cage will keep a Polish rabbit happy.

In general, Polish rabbits are calm and friendly. They are intelligent rabbits who can be litter trained in the house. The bucks are calmer, but does tend to be more friendly when spayed.

Polish Varieties

In the UK, the National Polish Rabbit Club (NPRC) recognises all colour varieties of the Polish rabbit, so long as it is accepted by another breed in its standard. The American Rabbit Breeders’ Association accepts the white with red or blue eyes, the ruby eyed white (true albino), black, chocolate, blue and broken.

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Not a pet breed. - Sue,

I breed and show Polish rabbits in the UK and unfortunately your information is incorrect. The American Polish should NOT be confused with the UK Polish (which as a separate breed, and known as the Britannia Petite in the USA). British Polish are very much a specialist breed requiring a lot of skill to handle, due to their inbuilt tendency to launch suddenly or panic. They are also not easy to breed, and can be very poor mothers. Abandoned or stillborn litters are common in this breed. While early handling can certainly help, it doesn't always mitigate their highly-strung nature. Some can be very nippy, especially the does (females). However, for those who do have the patience they can be a rewarding and entertaining breed to own, if not an affectionate one.