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St. Nicholas Blue Rabbits

St. Nicholas Blue History

The St Nicholas Blue (Blauwe Van Sint Niklaas) is a Belgian rabbit breed that originated in the 19th century.

The special color of the coat could be due to a unique mutation. Originally, the (Blue) Van Beveren and St Nicholas Blue were considered the same breed. Now that has changed and these two varieties are kept well apart in terms of shape, size, weight and color.

It was originally bred for its blue-grey fur in the fur industry of the Waasland region of Belgium. The popularity of the breed decreased with the disappearance of the fur trade in the early 20th century. Now there are only a handful of breeders that maintain the breed.

St. Nicholas Blue Behaviour

Blauwe Van Sint Niklaas rabbits are quiet, good-natured and friendly animal that enjoys a spacious hutch.

St. Nicholas Blue Varieties

Since 1917, Blauwe Van Sint Niklaas rabbits have all been the uniform blue-grey uniform color.

St. Nicholas Blue Status


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