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Thüringer Rabbits

Thüringer History

Thϋringers (originally called Thüringer Chamois) were developed in the village of Waltershausen in the Thϋringer Wald of east Germany near the Czech Republic Border in the late 19th century. The local school headteacher called David Gärtner is credited with developing the breed by crossing Giant Papillons with Himalayans and Silvers. At the time the breed received little interest and was not recognised. By selecting only the amber coloured individuals Gärtner continued his breeding program and established the unusual amber colour as part of the breed’s standard. He renamed the breed ‘Chamois’ and public interest peaked.

The breed was recognised in Germany in 1907 and the Netherlands in 1912. Cross-breeding with Flemish Giants created the heavier Thϋringer of today.

Thüringer Behaviour

Thϋringers are well known for being placid rabbits. They make good pets and will usually be happy to receive attention from their owners as long as it’s in a calm environment.

Thüringer Varieties

There are no colour variations of the Thϋringer

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