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Angora Rabbits

An anGora rabbit's wonderful soft ears A beautiful grey and white anGora rabbit A lovely little brown and white anGora rabbit The incredibly soft fur of an anGora rabbit The wonderful little face of a young anGora rabbit A close up of an anGora rabbit's beautiful fluffy ears A close up of an anGora rabbit wonderful bark eyes An anGora rabbit playing on the grass An anGora rabbit with an incredible white coat and fluffy ears The beautiful thick fluffy fur of an anGora rabbit

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Angora History

There is a fair amount of confusion about the origin of the Angora. It is thought that the romans kept and bred Angora rabbits for their wool around 100 BC, and that as the Roman Empire expanded they took their rabbits with them. Other accounts state that the Angora rabbit originates in the Ankara region of Turkey and that in 1723 Mariners bought the rabbits to France after spotting them in Turkey.

There are records of Angora rabbits in England as early as the 1500’s. Although it is unknown exactly where the Angora rabbit was found, it is certain that they have always been bred for their silky wool. Angora wool is even softer than cashmere and it fetches a high price.

Angora Behaviour

Angora rabbits are generally sociable, friendly and calm. French Angora’s tend to be a bit more headstrong, whereas English angora rabbits are more docile and calm.

Angora Varieties

There are a few varieties of Angora rabbit. These are the English, French, German, Giant, and Satin.

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Hairballs - Lauren,

I have 4 Angoras and use the Omlet Zippi rabbit system. They aren't giant, but a pretty large size up to 10 LBS. Expect lots of brushing as their fur can get dreaded easily if you don't comb out the mats. I utilize a pet grooming vacuum which helps maintain their appearance and I suggest shaving them in the Summer as they can overheat easily. These buns vary in temperament, but most of mine don't enjoy being picked up and they will let you know by kicking out. My largest girl is very territorial, but other than that, all else seems to be fine. I only have one male and I think this helps keep the fighting down.