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Feral chin rex... - Zoe,

I own a Chin Rex rabbit called Jalapeno. I treat him like my own child, walking him, cuddling him and feeding him. But, unfortunately no matter what i do, he seems to think my fingers are carrots and he munches on them. Because he nibbles on them, i have ended up with very scarred fingers, and he actually once bit the tip of my finger off. He also seems to not like the house that he lives in, as he rips up his mattress on his bed, and refuses to sit at the dining table for meals. I have taken him to various rabbit trainings, but no trainers can tame this feral beast.

I love my chinchilla rex - Erika,

My little girl is the best. If taken care of, these rabbits are loving, smart, and FUNNY!! She was very sassy during her recovery from spaying but that’s to be expected. Imagine going through a major surgery like that. She got through it though and is back to her friendly self! She’s the sweetest and not to mention ADORABLE. I wouldn’t trade my pet Rosey for the world. She’s my baby. (Please do not get a rabbit or any pet if you are NOT actually ready to care for them properly and give them ALL the love and attention they deserve and need!)

Chin(a) Rex- a rex from chin(a)land - An Omleteer,

I loved it. i had it for many many long time. It loved sitting on my table towards end of its life. Chin man Choo Kung ( the rabbbit) was what any child always want. When i married my husband he loved Chin like his own. he was a beautiful animal and had many loves, like carrots and Chinese noodle. Unfortunately one day he died. He was great fun and loved roaming around in the bushes. best as an inside pet with much loving!