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Dutch Rabbits

Dutch rabbit Omlet A beautiful white and black dutch rabbit enjoying it's food

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Dutch History

Dutch rabbits, along with the English, were the most popular pet and exhibition rabbits a position that has now been filled by the Lop breeds. Originally from Holland or Belgium, the breed is striking in its appearance with a white blaze carrying up to a point between the ears, a saddle of colour continuing right around the middle of the rabbit with a straight edge and white markings on the hind feet. Their coat should be glossy and they are a medium size rabbit weighing 2.04-2.26kg (4.5-5lb).

Dutch Behaviour

Dutch rabbits are very lively and alert and should make good pets although a prospective owner should be looking for a breeder that handles the rabbits regularly from a young age so that the rabbit is not too jumpy.

Dutch Varieties

Black, Blue, Chocolate, Yellow, Tortoiseshell. Steel Grey, Brown Grey, Pale Grey

Dutch Status

Fairly common

Dutch Pictures

Black and white dutch bunny rabbit in a basket
Dutch Bunny
Rabbit in hutch
Peter and Lily
Ma Dutch Wabbit
A black and white bunny rabbit lying on a patio
A chubby black and white bunny rabbit sat in the sun
Two white brown and black dutch bunny rabbits in an animal run
My sweetheart Chichi.
Dutch Rabbit
Charlie's new view!
lost in the grass!
2 of my dutch baby rabbits
Sniffles with all her 6 babys
sitting in the sun
a nice place to sit!
A white and brown dutch bunny rabbit on a lawn
barney the rabbit!
all sleeping in the sun        by tierney
jet enjoying the sun          by tierney
trix cleaning its self          by tierney
jet and sniffles      by tierney
its name is sniffles        by tierney
its name is sniffles        by tierney

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Love these friendly rabbit - William,

I will never let her go she's very happy an friendly with the kids.

they are cute and sweet - Gaby,

I love dutch bunnies they are incredibly cute!(:mine is so sweet.

I love my Dutch bunnies - Sonya,

I have two Dutch bunnies Rocky and Daisy and I love them so much. Rocky is the sweetest bunny I have ever had and even though Daisy can be pretty moody sometimes I love her too. I am going to breed them this spring so no they are not spayed/neutered

Recommend Dutch Rabbits 100% - Maddie,

I have had a Dutch rabbit for 5 years. We found him outside in a box with an abscess on his back shoulder that was huge. There were 2 chinchillas who were chewing on his abscess making it infected. We brought him home and to the vet the next day. We never thought he was going to survive but he pulled through and healed completely. Now he’s a happy rabbit who jumps around the house playfully and loves attention. He will nibble on your ankles and run circles around you to show his love. He loves being pet and will eat any vegetable or fruit. They are very happy and not lazy rabbits at all.

Look no further if you're after a family pet... - Sasha,

Got my buck 10 years ago and he's still going strong. If you want a family pet, this is the rabbit for you. The Dutch is friendly, loving, and gets on with other household pets. I have never seen any aggression demonstrated to anyone in my time owning the breed, or any of my other animals. In fact mine can get quite over friendly with my spaniel! I have marked the breed down on hardiness as mine had to be brought inside for a few winters, though if you know how to deal with this and don't mind bringing them into an indoor cage, then this is not a problem. I will not have any other breed now as the Dutch has it all.