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Question - Savannah,

Where can I find a baby dwarf lop for sale?

Great Pets!! - Olivia,

I have two Lops they are adorable, they are so well behaved and there names are caramel chou chou and muffin. They love to be held and petted.

Best Rabbits You Could Have! - Eddy,

They are by far the best rabbits you could ever hope for. Amazing creatures.

very nice friendly - Luke,

I love them, they are so friendly, even though sadly I dont get them out very often. But they are still very friendly and have never bitten me once !

fantastic pet - An Omleteer,

i have a dwarf lop shes so cute ive had her for 5 months now shes so affectionate ive trained her to come when i call her name also house trained she spends hours with me in the living room so funny when she plays loves sitting on me and stretches out to sleep on me she seems to like cleaning me for some reason goes mad to lick my arms and legs!! i love her to bits best pet ive ever owned.