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English Rabbits

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English History

The English rabbit, also known as the English Spot, is a very well known breed and a common pet having been in existence within the UK for over 200 years.

An English rabbit should weigh between 6 and 8lbs (2.7 to 3.6 kg). Its markings are very distinctive with a white body and coloured spots, coloured ears, coloured smut on the nose and an unbroken coloured line along the spine. Ideally the markings on both sides should be equally balanced and the spots should increase in size towards the rump.

English Behaviour

The English rabbit is a medium sized rabbit with very few specialised requirements. As long as it has been handled regularly from a young age and is gradually introduced into a new home it is likely to make a very good pet.

English Varieties

The colours for the spots and markings are black, blue, tortoiseshell, chocolate or grey.

English Status


English Pictures

English spot doe!
Rabbits and her bunnies!
Sniffles Loves The Chicks!
Sniffles Loves Grass!
Sniffles, my rabbit!
English Spot Buck
Tortoiseshell English Spot Doe
Totoro - I believe he's an English rabbit.

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Handsome boy - Vanessa,

My previous rabbit passed away aged 10 years after kidney issues don’t know what her breed was. I now have Lunar who is an English spot mixed breed but has a lot of the markings of an English Spot. I have only had him just over 3 weeks but he has my heart already.

- Molly,

I have had an English for almost 5 years and they are wonderful. Unlike any other breed and they are very well behaved and easily trained. I though my rabbit to use a litter box and come when called. By far my favorite breed.

My Comet boy! Buddy rabbit - Richard,

Comet doesn't like much to be picked-up, but is so very affectionate and never bites - he's about 8 mo - and coming into his own. Loves petting, and makes the blankets next to the bed his warren. Until you have a rabbit, it's not something that you can explain to someone - they're very loving animals from my experience with Comet - it's unimaginable to me to anyone could be mean to one. A dear friend who was allergic to cats had a dutch years ago, and loved her very much... and that turned me onto considering one. I count myself very lucky. I think a doe is in Mr. Comet's future - thank goodness he's fixed! I'm not too sure about the garden friendliness, but I strongly suspect he'd love to spent time in one, and likely dig until his hearts content - unfortunately my living arrangement doesn't at this time allow for a garden experience.

A beautiful, characterful rabbit - Dorothy,

We had an English rabbit for 6 years. He came from a rescue centre. He was an alpha male, always inquisitive, always alert, loved attention and lived with his female partner (who he adored) in our garden. The two of them would help each other escape, taking it in turns to lift the fencing so the other could slip under. He was extremely hardy, going out in the most extremes of weather. Eventually, his back legs gave way and he had to be put down. That seems to be quite a common problem amongst the larger breeds.

Fabulous breed - Maria,

My baby bun Maisy is a house rabbit and has free reign of the kitchen lounges and conservatory. She is totally house trained and uses our bengals cat flap to go outside to do her business. She begs every morning for a blueberry or two and loves our Bengal male cat. She's extremely affectionate and hasn't got a vicious bone in her body - I love her to bits. She is fine around children although i believe rabbits are for adults not children. Recommended as a house rabbit.