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Adnuly, 6 July 2021

Hello, I live in Europe, and it's very hot during the summer here, so my budgies usually molt in the spring.. but I've noticed that my female budgie Bella, has been acting weird lately, and that she has some tiny black spots on her head, and loss of feathers under her wings. Those spots started to appear 2-3 days ago, but today they were really black and intense. I'm not sure if she's molding because she didn't look like that last year, when she did mold. I'm afraid it might me mites, but since I'm under-age, I can't go to the vet myself. My parents think it's nothing and they don't want to take her. The male budgie seems to be fine. I don't know what to do.

Linda, 22 April 2020

I lost a beautiful parakeet to two nasty parakeets that bullied that poor bird. I blame myself for not separating it from the bullies. Now that it is gone they fight with each other.

Marilda, 8 January 2020

She just got to the little pen feathers showing up.

Kitty, 3 January 2020

Thanks for the info!! My lil mans bein a right nibbly an cranky beggar. But now I know why, will he be back to bein his snuggly lil self again? Do I still try training days with him? Or should i just let him get on with his lil old man phase an just top up his seeds an water an stuff? Thanks. 1st time budgie mum

Bill, 24 September 2019

Thank you for reassurance my littl pal is a little quieter than usual during her moult

Wendy, 6 August 2019

My baby budgie just came out her bird box for the first time and the father male budgie trying to hump baby is this normal

Diane, 29 June 2019

my parakeet is presumably a girl. She is humping everything in her cage and is extremely aggressive. She is finger trained and been a nice bird. She does not like to be held . She either gets out of her cage on my finger or on her own. Recently, when I put my finger in she bite me so hard she drew blood. Was really surprised and shocked. In September I will have had her 1 year. Could it be the extreme heat we are having? Is it something Hormonal? HELP!

Abbey, 17 June 2019

My budgie was bred as a green show budgie and he moults very often around every other month. Is this normal? He has always been this way. Do you also have any advice for the best way to help him remove the feather pins?

Yuniarti, 14 June 2019

What if my budgie is in moulting season and there is no other budgie around

Petra, 4 May 2019

Great information. Our budgie is moulting now and we were worried. Your description fits and we are more relaxed now knowing that he is in this process. And we give him healthy grains and veggies. His girlfriend is supporting him during his moulting