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Pros and Cons of Puppies

Let’s start with the big plus and the big minus of opting for a puppy. Puppies are much more adaptable than a set-in-its-ways rescue dog, and easier to train. However, looking after a puppy requires time and patience – not quite as much as a baby requires, but getting there!

Crossbreed Labradoodle pups newborn
These newborn Labradoodle pups haven't opened their eyes yet

Should I Get a Puppy if I Have Children?

It’s an ideal match in many ways, as the dog and the kids grow up together, as friends. There are hazards, though – if the children mistreat the dog, it will be psychologically scarred for life.

Should I Get a Puppy if I Work All Day?

If you work all day, AND you live alone, a puppy is a non-starter, as it requires a lot of your time for at least the first eight months. As he gets older, your puppy demands less of your time - but he still needs the regular exercise and the general care that every dog requires.

Crossbreed Labradoodle pups newborn
This Beagle will need someone around in the day to feed and look after him

Should I Get a Puppy When I Already Have an Older Dog?

In general, this is a good idea, as many dogs love the company of a good canine friend. However, not all matches work. Some older dogs will be annoyed or stressed if a puppy is forever clambering on them and chewing their ears and tails. All puppies are bounding with energy, whereas older dogs come in different shades of mood, from hyperactive to super-chilled.

It’s always a good idea to play with the puppy and take him for a long walk before introducing him properly to the older dog. That way he will be ready to settle down pretty quickly, and the older dog is more likely to be open to the idea of letting this crazy newcomer into the pack. It will bring out parenting instincts in some dogs, too. As long as there’s no obvious, violent animosity on the part of the older dog, and as long as you don’t leave them unsupervised in those early weeks, you should soon be living with a couple of friends for life.

Breeds Samoyed adult and puppy
A Samoyed adult and puppy - they don't have to be this closely related to get along

Should I Get a Puppy If I’m Pregnant?

There are no physical risks involved with this, but it’s a question of time and commitment. Once the baby comes along, your time will be swallowed up, and any spare hours you have are going to be focused on baby stuff or catching up on sleep, rather than taking the dog for a walk.

So you really need to ask yourself if it’s going to work. Are there others who will look after the dog, for example, and is the dog you’re considering going to have a suitably gentle and accepting nature once the baby is here?

Breeds Golden Retriever puppies running outdoors
Do you want even more bundles of joy in your life, like these Golden Retriever puppies, for example?

Some dogs become jealous if a newcomer arrives in the house, and that fact, plus those sharp teeth and a tendency to nip, can give the story a very unhappy turn. It would be far better to wait until things have calmed down a bit after the birth, and then review the question again.

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Theresa, 28 March 2021

I am fit 72yr old. I am looking for puppy to train and as a companion. I live alone near a park and would enjoy training to my ways I've not got a lot of money and prefer mongrels. It has to be a puppy not grown dog.