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Choosing the right dog for you

Feisty Fido, pampered pooch or carefree canine, no two dogs are the same. But, nor are we. That’s why we believe there’s the perfect pet for every person, whether you’re looking for a best buddy to join you on adventures or a chilled-out couch potato for Sundy snuggle-ups. In this section of the Omlet dog guide, we’ll take you through how to choose the right dog for you to best suit your lifestyle.

Finding a dog that matches your lifestyle

Not all people and pets are compatible. For example, if you love long-distance hiking through the mountains, a pug won’t be up to the job. Likewise, if you’re not very mobile, a dog such as the Belgian malinois is a bad idea for both you and Fido. Without adequate mental and physical stimulation, an active dog breed can become destructive out of boredom and frustration.

Live in an apartment or quiet neighborhood? No dog is silent but there are some breeds that are quieter like the English bulldog or Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Those notorious for being vocal, on the other hand, include the Siberian husky, beagle and basset hound. Keep reading and discover more about dog breeds to fit your lifestyle in the following pages of the Omlet dog guide.

Caring for your dog with Omlet

When it comes to choosing the right dog for you, the Omlet guide is here to answer everything and anything you should know before embarking on pet parenthood. And when you do decide on the best fit for your and your family’s lifestyle, our range of dog products such as easy-to-clean dog beds, stylish dog crates and designer dog collars and leashes have been expertly designed to bring you even closer to your canine companion.

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Pick a breed to match your lifestyle, the find a good breeder


Sestra, 13 February 2020

My husband wants an American Bully, but even though I like them, I'm not sure it's the right dog for us. It's a big step and a tremendous responsibility, so naturally I analyze it a lot. It will be the first dog for both of us, so we are inexperienced. Are Bullies suitable for new owners? I read from this article Reasons Why American Bullies Are the Best that they are a bit stubborn. Can they be trained easily?