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Parakeet Chicks

Parakeets that have been bred for shows and exhibitions are often referred to as English Budgies or English Parakeets (see Parakeet Varieties, above). In general, these birds are on the large end of the parakeet size scale, often having emphasis on feather features such as crests or tufts. As with any animal show, judges will be looking for the most perfect versions of the various types of parakeets.

handling young parakeet
Blue Spangle Budgerigar pair all ready for their big scene in the parakeet show!

Exhibition Parakeets

Successful show birds are placid and will be used to noise, travel and all the activities that come with the show life. Any excitable, nervous or noisy bird will not thrive in the show environment and certainly won’t be scooping up and prizes.

If you want to exhibit parakeets, speak to an experienced breeder who can ensure you buy a suitable bird.

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Jose, 11 April 2020

My young budgie has laid eggs but is not sitting on them. I have moved them to a diy incubator. How often do we have to move the eggs.

Gretchen, 12 November 2019

Our Budgie laid an egg we do not have a nesting box yet waiting for the store to open is this okay? Now what? Thank You

Linda, 4 November 2019

Hello, Our budgie laid 9 eggs. Both mom and dad were laying on the eggs until last week. Why did they stop? How do i know if the eggs are going to hatch? Linda

Fran, 19 October 2019

The blue baby budgie in the picture looks just like my oldest baby! It is around 3 weeks old and is constantly sitting in the doorway of the nest with its head poking out, it is so cute. I wonder if it wants to leave the nest soon...

Karen, 1 August 2019

I have had my Male Parakeet and Female for 2 years. She recently hatched a chick. Everything has been going well for the past 3 weeks until yesterday. I noticed that my Female Parakeet was being very mean and aggressive toward my Male Parakeet. This morning when I uncovered them they were fine and getting along. When I got home from work, my Male Parakeet was Lying at the bottom of their cage dead. I’m still in shock as I never saw this coming! I’m heartbroken that she killed him. There is blood all over her feathers on her face. Does anyone know why this would have happened? I’m devastated! Now I’m afraid she might try nd him her baby. Please help

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