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Layla, 30 June 2021

hello , i was wondering what this means when the perakeet looks like its biting you like its putting the beak on your finger what does the perakeet mean?

Pat, 1 March 2020

Tiki loves Elvis gospel sins bobs around runs to a food dish showin me helps eating and loves when I sing along with him he readily jumps on my finger refuses to com e out of his cage when he seems to get excited nibbles at my finger but bites my thump I very much discourage this. By sitting him on perch turn back on him what does all thismean

Carol, 8 November 2019

Hi I have 2 young male budgies that cherp all day long they only go quiet when it starts to get dark is there anything I can do to make them quiet

Angie, 5 August 2019

I have just got 2 young budgies a couple of days ago (from the same flock) and one is silent and the other very occasionally makes a noise, they do not explore their cage and have as yet not found the seed hoppers, (they have eaten the millet that I've hung near to the hoppers) So far the TV, music or me talking to them produces little or no response. However they become very vocal, moving about and moving from perch to perch, feeding from the millet more whenever I play budgie sounds. Should I continue with this or is that detrimental to them. They are not verbally communicating with each other even if I leave the room.

Jen, 11 July 2019

Hi, I was just wondering- my budgie makes a funny stuttering-purr sound sometimes (like a guinea pig), and we can't figure out what it means. He does this when about to sleep, being talked to (loves that), or when his space is invaded (hates that); it doesn't seem to correlate with his situation whatsoever. I really want to know in case it's a sound of discontent so I can fix the problem. Do you know what he means when he does that sound?

Taro, 19 June 2019

Responding to memememe below, yes it is. Sometimes when you disturb them in their sleep or try to pick them up when they're not in the mood, they chirp like that but it's not as fast as a raccoon makes it sound

Mememememe, 14 June 2019

Is it normal for my budgie to be making..... raccoon noises when threatened?

Susan, 9 June 2019

I have had my budgie for 5 months now he is healthy , clean,eats and drinks well,but he doesn't utter a single sound, I have spent a lot if time bonding with him and he will happily come over to me , nibble my nose and hair,why oh why doesn't he make any sound?

Ella, 25 April 2019

I've just finished hand feeding and rearing three baby budgies I was given from an aviary of birds. How will I be able to tell if any of them are bonding to me?

Travic, 5 April 2019

so its confusing sometimes my budgie will freakin Quack????? what does that mean???? its like a small but sharp A H. shes a girl so she doesnt repeat noises. even if she did we have no ducks around in the city

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