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Jose, 11 April 2020

My young budgie has laid eggs but is not sitting on them. I have moved them to a diy incubator. How often do we have to move the eggs.

Gretchen, 12 November 2019

Our Budgie laid an egg we do not have a nesting box yet waiting for the store to open is this okay? Now what? Thank You

Linda, 4 November 2019

Hello, Our budgie laid 9 eggs. Both mom and dad were laying on the eggs until last week. Why did they stop? How do i know if the eggs are going to hatch? Linda

Fran, 19 October 2019

The blue baby budgie in the picture looks just like my oldest baby! It is around 3 weeks old and is constantly sitting in the doorway of the nest with its head poking out, it is so cute. I wonder if it wants to leave the nest soon...

Karen, 1 August 2019

I have had my Male Parakeet and Female for 2 years. She recently hatched a chick. Everything has been going well for the past 3 weeks until yesterday. I noticed that my Female Parakeet was being very mean and aggressive toward my Male Parakeet. This morning when I uncovered them they were fine and getting along. When I got home from work, my Male Parakeet was Lying at the bottom of their cage dead. I’m still in shock as I never saw this coming! I’m heartbroken that she killed him. There is blood all over her feathers on her face. Does anyone know why this would have happened? I’m devastated! Now I’m afraid she might try nd him her baby. Please help

Rishikesh, 16 July 2019

My first budgie clutch hatched today and female is now doing good but male is not bother when she comes to eat he try to mate with her can anybody help me why is this happening?

Daphne, 13 June 2019

I have 6 budgies in the cage and the mom just laid another 3 eggs. I was told I could remove the eggs to prevent overcrowding. Is this correct?

Kate, 7 March 2019

My first budgie hatched 5 days ago and the second egg hatched yesterday. The hen was very attentive and stayed in the nest almost constantly. While researching, I became concerned that it might be too cold. I moved them to a much warmer room with a space heater. The heater is not directly pointed at the cage or nesting box. The cage is elevated, so the space heater is below it and just generally keeping the room warm at about 90 degrees. At the same time I made this change, I peaked in at the babies a few times. I know they are fragile, so no handling. But it was a new room and it is warmer. After these changes, the hen is not sitting in the nesting box nearly as much. I checked on them several times last night through this morning, and she was never in the box. I was torn between leaving them alone so she would be more comfortable, but if she’s not caring for them, I don’t want to ignore them and find dead babies. This morning, the cock was in the nest twice and finally the hen was in there. I went to work confident but she was out of the box again when I came home. I really don’t know what is normal, so maybe it is normal to sit on them less if it is warm. How do I identify an issue BEFORE my babies are sick and weak?

David, 20 February 2019

I've had a male budgie for 1 year. 1 day ago i bought a female budgie that was pregnant...i think male budgie don't like his new frend... And i've just found out that female lay egg on the flour of cage ,in the dark room...so i think she dont even know that she is mom.....what shold i do???

Ellayne, 16 January 2019

Should the chicks be put in a separate cage from their parents and if so at what age?

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