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Show Cages

Show cages are similar to the display cages you see in pet shops. They are usually plastic, with three solid sides and a barred cage front. This arrangement prevents the bird from having its feathers ruffled by all the hustle and bustle of the show going on around it, and also enables the judges to study the bird without background interference. At shows, it is always just one parakeet per cage.

Shows are all about the parakeets on show, but the cage has to look good too. Make sure that there is no rust or dirt in that cage. Also make sure to check with your local Budgerigar Society on how the cage should be set up. You need to make sure that the door-fasteners are secure. The cage will need a perch, food and water too - again, check with a seasoned parakeet exhibitor to fine-tune your cage.

handling young parakeet
When exhibiting birds, it's one parakeet per cage

Parakeet Cage Fronts

You will often see advertisements for cage fronts on sites selling parakeet paraphernalia. They are simply the front section of a show cage, and come in various sizes, usually with a single door for inserting and removing food and water. Many people who exhibit their parakeets at a bird show take to DIY mto craft the ideal “show cage”. As these are specialist containers, pre-made models are hard to find.

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Anonymous, 12 April 2021

I have two budgies one male and one female they have been together for about a month but they still aren't breeding the female is actually larger than the male but I did some research and it says they can still breed I don't know I just need some help on what to do because I really wanted them to have babies please help!!

Dana, 28 October 2019

Hi, I have 2 pairs of keets all laying eggs, one settled into a nestbox all 6 of hers hatched! Other, nested down into a decorative greenery basket, busted it to pieces getting it her way, she has 6 eggs, one hatched. My question.. how do I get in there to see how she's doing/chicks doing without disturbing the basket? Was an accident i saw her the first time, and had to really move things to see, is that safe and ok? Thanks

Cecilia, 25 March 2019

Hi, found your site very interesting. I recently lost my "old fella" end January 2019 he was coming on 12 years old. I now have another budgie a youngster of about 8 months old, have had him for about 2 weeks. I am that much older (a pensioner). My query is why won't he land on top of his cage, he tends to go on top of the door or lands on the cooker tops. He trusts me to a certain degree - lets me stroke his tummy and beak and scratch the side of his head. Has not landed on my hand yet - have trained him to step on to a wooden perch when he lands on the cooker and take him back to his cage. I never had a problem with my old bird and landing on the cage, he never landed on the cooker either - the latter years he landed on the kettle. Any ideas of how to get him to fly to top of cage (by the way this is a completely new cage and different from the previous one, it is arch shaped). Also he doesn't seem to go for his millet either, I leave a spray out for 2-3 days otherwise I throw it out. As I said he is about 8 months old, a male and has what I call "slanty eyes". I never know whether he is awake or asleep. Any information is appreciated.

Samantha, 9 February 2019

I have recived a young female mother budgie she has had young about 3 months ago i have one off her chicks i have placed her with my exsisting male budgie whitch is not the mother birds first mate will she choose to breed with my male budgie

Keith, 11 April 2017

A very informative and interesting website on the care and breeding of budgies: this was the only full information I found on the internet. An excellent, complete site. Keith and Lilia