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Comments for Choosing a Baby Parakeet

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Sonia, 1 March 2020

I would like to buy a young male budgie

Joshua, 20 November 2019

I still don't know where to get a baby budgie

Dianne, 23 March 2019

Thank you, I found this very useful. However, where can I get info on breeders or pet shops near me? Those on the net are miles away.

Isobel, 12 January 2019

This article will help me a lot! I know a pet store in a mall and they had poor aquariums for the fish and poor cages for the birds. There weren't any toys in the cages to keep the birds entertained, not even one! I didn't get a budgie yet and this article is really helpful

Olivia, 16 December 2018

I am using this research to educate myself on budgies because I am getting one very, very soon!! I am making slides for my family to show them what budgies are and making sure they understand what is going to be in my room! Hah! If you have any advice for me, please say! I need to know as much as possible! I am an intermediate in the bird world, so don't say "Budgies are also known as Parakeets," because I know that stuff. I have had a cockatiel but I am getting a budgie, so yea. Thanks!

Anne, 1 May 2018

As l am a beginner with budgies, l have found this on-line information very helpful , and now feel happier in looking after my budgie! Thanks for all the tips