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Joseph, 12 May 2021

I already have one Budgie in my Geo cage...can I get a Zebra Finch for company?

Dorothy, 2 May 2021

Can the geo cage accommodate 3 finches?

Michael, 13 March 2021

I've had a budgie on his own for 3 years he is quite happy to step on my finger and stay there as long as he wants. His cage is always open and he regularly comes out flies around then returns .he does this all by himself and he seems happy and is definitely healthy so some birds are really happy alone or with human company..

Allan, 7 February 2020

Is it possible to keep three pairs of males and female in the same cage? I have 37”x23”x60” cage. Right now I have a paired male/female and two other females. I was hoping to have the other two females bound with another male to have three pairs. Would this work? I’m not intending to breed them, and I try to hand feed them every day.

Shirley, 15 August 2019

Are Budgies and parakeets one and the same or are they different birds?

Cath, 29 June 2019

Very helpful tu am wantibg to ask a question of thats ok my pair of budgies mated and my girl layed 8 eggs only one hatched then 5 mths later they mated again.she layed 4 eggs this tine again only one hatched wondering whats happening also how often should y o u let the birds mate ive been thinking of getting another female to give my girl a rest ty so much.hope to hear from you soon regards cath

Sue, 23 September 2017

Very helpful article, thank you!