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Comments for Catching an Escaped Parakeet

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Kaja, 5 September 2019

My baby flew away at the park today. We always take her out to the park and she never flies away. I don’t know what happened this time. The last I saw of her was she tried to fly in a tree, but got chased away by a bigger bird. I wish I kept my eye out for which direction she flew to but instead I was screaming. I just want her back. I love her so much.

Amit, 4 September 2019

My budgie Mike, came back today after exact 24 hours by himself. I consider it nothing short of a miracle. He and his gang are all fond of basil leaves like all others. I had a bad cold yesterday, I still do :(. After hanging the bunch of leaves on the cage that he’s housed in, I forgot to pull the door down. Before I could realise, my champ was out on top of the cage. And all of this was happening on my first floor balcony. I put my hand out, but he wasn’t interested. In a flash he reached the opening on the railing and off he flew. I ran downstairs and then back to my terrace to see if I could get a glimpse. He was nowhere in sight. I was shattered ... like literally. Mike was my first budgie whom I got and he was my champ. I tried not to think much, the more I was thinking the more horrible was the feeling. I usually take my cages out on my balcony every morning. I did the same today. At about 12:30pm to my ancestors shock, I see Mike on top of the cage. My first impression was this must be another one who’s escaped from the cage, but wait; on my second look I realised it was none other, but Mike. I was happy, scared and surprised all at the same time. Happy to see him. Scared that he doesn’t fly away again. Surprised at how could he manage to find his way back (per my earlier knowledge through the internet on various forums, possibility of finding an escaped budgie is next to zero). However, this time I made no mistake, I simply got hold my T Shirt drying in the line and grabbed Mike and put him back where he belongs safely. Happy beyond words, I thought of writing it all down to let as many people know. Only wish, I could ask the bloke, where the hell was he, what was he doing, most importantly how did he survive the crows around.

Dean, 12 August 2019

Tweetypie where did you lose your bird. I have one visiting my outdoor feeder.

N/a, 25 July 2019

I'm sorry to everyone who has lost their bird and I wish you the best of luck!!

Todd, 6 June 2019

One of ours flew out the front door yesterday afternoon but we put the cage (with our second one) outside on the back deck and played a budgie chirping tape on a speaker nearby, and the missing bird came back within about 15-20 minutes.

Fernanda, 30 March 2019

My blue and purple bird flew today. I am so sad. I dont know if he still alive. Hurts lots and lots

Tweetypie, 8 March 2019

MISSING IN SANS SOUCI 8th March 2019 about 10.30 am .....My big green alpha Budgie DAVE just accidentally flew out while I was treating Mrs Dave!!! ...Terribly sad as they were nesting and SOOOOO IN LOVE!!! Dave was last seen swooping like a green arrow through the banana palms next door....hoping Madame's plaintive cries will bring him home before a predator bird - lots here- catches him....if anyone sees him please message me! :(

An Omleteer, 7 March 2019

My blue budgie flew away today 11:00 am. I m so much worried coz weather is -12 right now. And it’s midnight 2:00am I want it back anyone any idea or got their budgie back before let me know what do I do?

Bell, 28 February 2019

My budgie went missing today it was a blue budgie in montana park pretoria

Indigo, 23 February 2019

My blue and yellow Budgie, Postive, flew away about an hour ago. Moreton Bay Region.

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