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Comments for Catching an Escaped Parakeet

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Bev, 15 January 2019

Billy my white male budgie went missing 14 January 2019. Longbeach. Marine Drive. Umhlanga Rocks Durban South Africa

Gabriela, 8 January 2019

Green and yellow budge escaped in balga area comes to the name of Celtic reward 100.dollars

Nancy, 9 November 2018

Not my parakeet. Showing up with flock of wild birds two days now. It’s in the 30degrees and getting colder. Also snowing. He can’t last much longer I wouldn’t think. Can’t get near him. Am playing budgies talking trying to lure him in. Please any ideas?

Val, 27 June 2018

One more way to get your budgie home is by the power of social media. My budgie flew out of a window on Sunday , I registered with all the lost bird/pet groups and shared his photo all over social media. Last night, after almost 3 days my exhausted budgie flew into someone's house 5 miles away and they found me through my social media posts.

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