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Comments for Safe Wood for Perches

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Yuchen, 30 June 2021

Is Broad-leafed Mahogany and Senegal Mahogany good for budgies?

Royan, 2 May 2021

Is betulaceae good for birds?

Brenda, 11 March 2021

What about Mesquite tree branch?

Goose, 1 March 2021

Is hardwood okay for macaws?

An Omleteer, 8 April 2020

I have dead privet branches i want to use for my birds. I have stripped off the bark. What makes the Privet unsafe for the budgies? How can i make it safe?

Brinley, 8 March 2020

Is wood from aspen trees okay?

Nishat, 25 October 2019

I have fresh lilac branches pruned for winter. Can I use them for budgies perches as is or should I let them dry, first.

Gary, 14 September 2019

Can I use sycamore branches,if I remove all the loose bark,for my cockatiels.

Destiny, 30 August 2019

Some one told me Rose of Sharon branches are safe for budgies and I just wanted to double check so are they fine to use.

An Omleteer, 12 July 2019

Is Japanese Maple safe?

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