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Comments for Training Parakeets to Fly to You

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Richard, 17 July 2019

My baby budgie liked to hang upside down and go in the bottom of cage alot. I asked the breeder i got him from and he said that young budgies do strange things for a while but they grow out of them. I'm sure he will settle down.

Rita, 16 July 2019

I have recently bought a new baby budgie a cock bird and noticed he keeps throwing his head back not like a normal budgie behaviour do u know why this is please is there something wrong he eats drinks ok

Rune, 19 March 2019

Krystin, perhaps the male is just territorial to the female and is bothering the other males because he feels threatened that they would steal the female. Not sure bout this but maybe.

Eben, 4 January 2019

I have recently purchased a bird from my local pet store, advice?

Kyrstin, 22 December 2018

Ok so I have a question about something one of my budgies has been doing a lot lately. So I have four budgies, three males and one female (yes ik not very ideal but I got my other two budgies when they were young and I thought they would both end up being female) so the male budgie that I bought with my female, well he's been like grabbing my other budgies by their wings or feet and I'm not sure why?? He typically does it to my female when she is perched on her swing and she'll make a distress call when he does it and he keeps doing it until I have to intervene for my female budgie's sake. But like he's not exactly hurting her? He just grabs her and doesn't let go and then he gets mad at me when I try to move him away from her. I've seen him do this only a few times to my other males but yeah I'm not sure why he's doing it so it would be nice if I could get some help.

Maggie, 21 April 2017

Hi I have 2 budgies, named Merlin and Batty. Merlin is the oldest. Unfortunately his mate died and he was alone for a couple of months. He went very quiet so we introduce Batty. . They were happy for over 6 months but are have noticed that if Merlin goes to play with a toy or to eat Batty goes and play with that toy or to food. He looks so sad. We have always doubled up the feeding and water pots. Is there anything we can to help, or is it just the pecking order withing the cage. Thank you.Fre

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