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How do dogs express pain?

It can be difficult to know when your dog is in pain. But if you observe him carefully you should be able to workout when there is something up. If you notice a change in his behaviour. Anything out of the ordinary can indicate pain, a lot of the time your dog won’t interact with you and will seem quiet and a bit withdrawn. Your dog may vocalise to indicate pain, this can be anything from crying out loudly when you touch the source of pain to a constant whimpering.

Tummy pain and nausea can be the hardest type of pain for you to detect, however excess salivation and a loss of appetite are usually indicators of tummy troubles. If your dog is constantly nibbling or licking a certain area, this usually means that there is some kind of irritation that is causing him discomfort. If your pup is panting heavily that can also be an indicator of pain.

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