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Why Do Dogs Eat Poo?

Also known as coprophagia, eating poo is not an uncommon problem but is quite a nasty habit for your dog to pick up. If your dog is eating poo it is likely that they are not absorbing enough nutrients from their food. Eating their own poo allows them to eat partially digested food meaning they can get nutrients.

A dog sniffing dog poop
A dog sniffing dog poop

Poo eating may also be a sign or an intestinal parasite like worms. It is worth a visit to the vet to check up on your dog and to get advice from your vet on the correct food. If you want to break the habit of coprophagia getting the correct food is important, and you will also have to be very thorough and quick in clearing up after your dog. There are products on the market you can feed to your dog to make their poop taste bitter, but these may not always work.

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