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Why does my dog bite me?

Dog’s will only ever intentionally bite someone if they feel threatened and scared or are in pain. If your dog bites you, you have to ask yourself why your dog was so scared that he would bite you. Evaluate the situation which caused the bite. Most of the time dogs biting and being aggressive is because they haven’t been trained properly and have been mistreated.

An agressive dog will bite in defence when challenged

Dogs can be aggressive over possessions and territory, and if not trained properly to leave or drop dog toys then aggression can sometimes result in a bite. It is important to train your dog from a young age to leave and drop toys so possessive behaviour does not develop into adulthood. Fear can also cause dog bites. If you socialise your dog as a puppy your dog should learn that they don’t need to fear any humans or other dogs so this type of aggression won’t develop later in life.

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