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The World's Most Popular Pet Bird

Parakeets are the number one pet bird around the world. They’ve been a part of many households from the moment they were first brought over to Europe from Australia in the 1840s. What helped launch them to the top spot was sheer personality. Although small, the parakeet has all the charisma of any other parrot in a package only slightly larger than a canary.

Another advantage to owning a parakeet is the fact that they are easy to keep. All that you have to do is look after the very basics – regular feeding, weekly cleaning, and just giving these very sociable animals some love. Other than this, your parakeets will pretty much take care of themselves

parakeet on girl’s hand
Parakeets are the world's most popular pet bird

Many long-time parakeet owners like to breed birds, take care of chicks, and some specialize in different varieties of the bird. Many owners take their birds to budgie shows, too.

If you have a larger flock, you can keep them in an outdoor aviary rather than an indoor cage. You may find that parakeet keeping turns into a very absorbing and satisfying hobby, and you’ll be joining a world full of parakeet fans who will be eager to share tips and expertise to help you.

If you don’t fancy taking it this far, you can still set your parakeets interesting challenges. For example, teaching them to talk, hand-taming them, and even adding a few “tricks” to their repertoire. This takes no additional equipment or outlay, all you need is time and a bit of patience.

parakeet eating banana from hand
Parakeets love being hand-fed their favorite treats

Despite being small, parakeets are very intelligent animals. You’ll find that your bird is bursting with life, chattering throughout the day, especially when in the company of another parakeet. Your birds may well take the centre stage in your living room. With a bit of training your parakeet will be feeding from your hand and using you as a perch on their out-of-cage adventures around your house.

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Budgies in cage
Sibling love & cuddles
Budgies in cage
Bonnie, Clive, Blacktail and Blondie
Sammy is blind, but he smiles in the mirror


Sarah, 19 March 2023

I love parakeets I`m going to get 2 of them!!!

Kathy, 11 March 2022

I bought two parakeets they had the no breeder rings on their legs does this mean they can't breed. With them on. The male is more aggressive with the female. The ring is this the reason.

Dolly, 9 April 2021

Is the Geo feeder/water available separately?