Budgie Health Problems

Once you are familiar with your budgies’ everyday behaviour, it will be easy to spot when something is amiss. You do not have to be an expert in diagnosing specific disease in budgies, as long as you can spot when the bird is acting out of character.

Budgie Health Check

If you keep lots of budgies in an aviary, it will be harder to spot individual problems, so always be on the lookout. Like many animals, budgies are frustratingly good at hiding illness until it’s far advanced. This makes sense in the wild, where an ill-looking creature will soon be spotted and picked off by a predator.

Once you’ve identified an ill bird, a trip to the vet should always be your priority, and you should never delay in the hope of saving money on vet’s bills. Think of it in terms of the costs of a family trip to the cinema or restaurant – surely not a high price to pay for saving your pet’s life!

The vet you use should be an expert in birds. If they ever try to tell you that small birds such as budgerigars cannot be treated, choose another vet. The assertion is untrue, but in past decades was often offered as cold comfort by vet surgeries more used to treating cats and dogs.

budgies in cages
Health problems may spread in crowded cages

Examining a Budgie

There are a number of ailments that can afflict budgies. The rule of thumb is to keep an eye on your birds, and talk to a vet as soon as you spot any problem, from a broken wing to a dose of mild lethargy.

You can also gently examine budgies yourself, to check problems such as wounds and lice. A finger-trained budgie will be easy enough to coax onto your hand. Once there, grip him gently as described in Holding a Budgie, above. Make your examination as swift as possible to avoid making the budgie too anxious.

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Frances, 3 March 2019

Found this section very helpful as my 7 month old budgie was very poorly. He sat with both feet on the perch and was very fluffed up and quiet. I dosed him with beaphur anti-parasite spot on for small birds and a herbal lice powder and after a week or so he started to perk up and hasn't looked back. I don't know what was wrong with him but his crop felt spongy as if full of fluid. He is a lovely little character and full of the joys of spring.

Diane, 3 September 2016

I had a 2yearold bugies for 6months was very quite doesn't play with toys comes out an fly's go back in easily but thought he was lonely so got another male 2years old but the first one gussets him an when he goes to seed pot he pushes in front of him to get seed even though there r two seed pots an neither play with toys they hardly tweet to each other the second one sits hunch till u talk but soon as u stop talking hegos back to hunching his back

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