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Christine, 18 July 2021

My budgie is white from head to tail, with very light blue patches on her rump and belly, and light gray patterns across her wings and tail, and I think across her back as well, and her eyes are black. Her cere and feet are light pink/tan. Any ideas?

Teresa, 3 June 2021

Can you feed budgies butter lettuce? I saw no mention of lettuce in your article about feeding fresh veggies. So is butter lettuce a good choice?

Pearl, 27 April 2021

How rare are the yellow/golden faced parakeets?

Anton, 4 May 2019

I saw a "blackfaced" budgie in a lot offered for sale at the bird market. They were tiny budgies about forty in a cage (poor things) one stood out quite dramaticaly. It had those bold zebra stripes all over it, it was overall quite a dark bird and lacked any other colour, kind of monochrome but very attractively different, almost hynotic. I was facinated and wanted to purchase it but as I had to leave the next morning and didn't want to get a new bird to be left with the house keeper decided not to. I thought about it for ages, though. I kept going back, the seller was getting curious and i expect the price was begining to rise, but he was'nt sure what I was looking at exactly. When I got back from my trip the whole cage was gone already, think someone bought the whole flock. They weren't exactly remarkable, cute and healthy looking but nothing special, mostly wild colour. They were tiny though, which I found rather charming, I've never seen such tiny budgiregars. I haven't seen that mutation again. It was quite striking, it did look like a little zebra budgie and just the one. Never forgot it, reading this I now know exactly what I saw , I wasn't dreaming.

Tanya, 6 March 2019

Can somebody help me with telling me what variety my budgies are as ive tried to read up on it and im totally confused. I will upload a pic of them if i am allowed too on here, i have a light green hen and white and pale blue cock.

Margaret, 11 January 2018

I didn't realize that Budgies were so complicated! I just know that as a newly-wed, I wanted a pretty budgie and chose a blue one. Alas, a strange growth on his "nose" was diagnosed as cancer by our vet. Not to be discouraged, and missing him, I bought a pair whose colors I liked. I frankly can't recall for certain their color, except I was drawn to colors I'd not seen everywhere. That quickly led me into breeding them, just the one pair, in 1978 and all of their babies were a lovely solid grey. I can't say about the darkness of their wingbars or tails, but the grey color was very consistent. I worked closely with my neighborhood pet shop to sell my babies, which he bought for double the money the standard colors sold for. I sold the pair when we moved north, since I didn't want to take them away from the warmth of south Florida. 40 years later, I still miss them! And haven't seen gray colors at all.

Gaile, 12 April 2017

The photo you have as a spangle is an opaline.