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Leo, 5 March 2020

My female budgie’s sere has changed to blue. She had been ill for about a month, having what looks like wet head feathers and red rimmed eyes, sleeping a lot, has diarrhoea, but still eating and drinking as usual. She had this, recovered for a couple of weeks and is now like it again. She is apx sixish

Shane, 20 January 2020

Im no expert or anything but just got off the phone with my local vet. They normally charge $63, but since they are a local vet clinic and i am local the first one is free. it may be a long shot but call around your local vet office and see if they have a deal for new pets. Most do just to get you in and hope you return the favor by making them your pets vets. Also ive read, you should get birds to the vets right after buying to see what kind of health care the pet store you bought them from provided. I've also read having a regular vet for your birds can lead to better trust, and less stress on the birds. Take care of your pets, as if your were that pet. Also research your pets and right down any questions you might have for your vet. And by "local vet offices" i dont mean big corp. stores like petco. i mean a locally sourced or family owned vet office, that takes cares of birds.

Sandra, 31 October 2019

I think my budgie has got air sack mites he keeps squeaking and making funny sounds ,he is still eating and drinking but doesn't talk as much ,is there something I can put in his water

Sue, 2 October 2019

Hi my bird got abscess below it better to pop it all leave it

Jane, 26 August 2019

I'm going to briefly step on my soapbox & leave a comment for the sake off all the budgies & other birds in people's care. I cannot stress how important it is to find an avian (bird), veterinarian to take your birds- for at least a yearly check up. Besides diagnosing and treating a bird when they're ill, a good avian doctor will enlighten you to practical things you can do in to make life for you and your budgie & other birds healthier & happier. I had a budgie that was a chronic egg layer. At the time, I had all female budgies and was clueless about the sun's powerful egg triggering effect on birds. I also had no idea how much calcium was being depleted from my poor bird. Thankfully my avian vet caught this on a check up & gave her a hormone injection to stop egg production; but he also prescribed to ME that I put BLACK OUT ON ALL THE WINDOWS in the rooms that birds were in. I also had to get BLACK OUT COVERS FOR THEIR CAGES. It was so simple: I WAS TO CONTROL THE DAYLIGHT. 14 hours may seem like a long time for a bird to be in black out, but I assure you that she fared quite well; not only did she stop laying eggs, but she became happier bird & got along well with the others. As she grew older I was able to reduce the amount of black out to 12 hours. The other birds all did fine with this. No eggs, No calcium loss, no hormonal behavior; just happy budgies. She had one hormone injection and never needed another.

Susan, 4 August 2019

My parakeet is constantly making a sound like he is mad or fussing. He had never done this before. He seems to be breathing ok and eating fine. But this sound is very unusual. I had been watching two little yorkies but they never bothered him. But it seemed to start when they came. They have now left. I just want to make sure he is not sick. Thank you for your advice.

Lamb, 31 July 2019

I am perplexed about Timothy ( our Budgie) he has been gaining new feathers for around six weeks or more. I understand that this process lasts approximately two weeks. He is on his own, he is around five months old, he eats well, spends all day out of his cage. He had a bad day a day ago & has recovered well. He feeds as well as he always has. We could do with some guidance on his new feathers coming through. PLEASE.

Leo, 22 July 2019

My budgie is often pecking at her claws - why?

Frances, 3 March 2019

Found this section very helpful as my 7 month old budgie was very poorly. He sat with both feet on the perch and was very fluffed up and quiet. I dosed him with beaphur anti-parasite spot on for small birds and a herbal lice powder and after a week or so he started to perk up and hasn't looked back. I don't know what was wrong with him but his crop felt spongy as if full of fluid. He is a lovely little character and full of the joys of spring.

Diane, 3 September 2016

I had a 2yearold bugies for 6months was very quite doesn't play with toys comes out an fly's go back in easily but thought he was lonely so got another male 2years old but the first one gussets him an when he goes to seed pot he pushes in front of him to get seed even though there r two seed pots an neither play with toys they hardly tweet to each other the second one sits hunch till u talk but soon as u stop talking hegos back to hunching his back