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They are awesome and sometimes even listen to me! - Anna,

Lays really good eggs and goes broody once in a while. Has a very friendly manner and authority

There good for there eggs - Karina,

There not the most social but their eggs make up for it.

- Brandon,

Best layer and nice broiler breed

Australorps - Whitney,

I have two Australorps Marge and Martha. Marge has always since day one has layed large double yolk eggs, but the down fall is she is very very broody. So i just go her six chicks and she is a wonderful mother absolutely in her prime! Martha lays nice large eggs, she has NEVER been broody! they are very friendly and great to have around.

Australorp - Brandon,

I would recommend this breed because they lay over 300 eggs a year and they make good quality meat

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