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Easter Egger Chickens

Easter Egger History

An “Easter Egger” chicken is actually a mixed breed. Easter Eggers are the result of breeding an Araucana or Ameraucana chicken with any other breed of chicken that lays brown eggs. They are so named for the ability to produce eggs in a variety of colors. This breed has risen in popularity over the past few decades, and is now one of the most common breeds among homesteaders.

Easter Egger Behaviour

Typically considered docile and friendly, Easter Eggers are considered one of the best chicken breeds for families. This curious breed is outgoing enough to seek out the affection and attention of their owners. Easter Eggers are excellent breeds for families with children, or for first-time flock keepers. They’re great egg producers, averaging around 280 eggs per year. And with such colorful shell colors, their eggs are fun to collect and display. They are adaptable and can be kept as free-range or contained pets.

Easter Egger Varieties

Since Easter Eggers are the result of a variety of breeds, their appearance varies depending on their genetics. Most Easter Eggers have ear tufts, and will usually have short tails. They will have 4 toes and white or red earlobes. Since their parentage can be so diverse, each Easter Egger is unique. Easter Eggers are so named for their ability to produce blue, green, brown, or even pink eggs.

Easter Egger Status


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