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Barbu Du Grubbe Chickens

A beautiful painting of a white male barbu du grubbe A beautiful painting of a white female barbu du grubbe

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Barbu Du Grubbe History

The Barbu du Grubbe is a rumpless version of the Barbu D'Anvers and was developed around 1904 in Belgium. They have a short, thick neck, pert body, beard and no parson's nose/tail feathers. It is a true bantam with no larger counterpart. Like all bearded bantams, it is one of the oldest breeds of true bantams and was first introduced to the UK around 1911.

Barbu Du Grubbe Behaviour

A small friendly bird that is now considered to be quite rare. Owners say the Barbu du Grubbe is easily tamed and very friendly towards humans. They are well suited to confinement, but don't lay well. The hen produces small white to off-white eggs when they do lay! They make good mothers and are prone to broodiness. With clean, featherless legs, it makes it easier to allow them to free range as they are less likely to get matted like the feathered legged varieties. They are very small, so if they do free range you will need a very secure garden as they are capable of squeezing through the smallest of gaps and being so light, can jump quite impressive heights. High chicken fencing can help with this issue. During the mating season, the males can become quite aggressive.

Cocks weight around 650g, with hens slightly lighter at 550g. These birds are good for children as they have a calm nature and are easily handled, once used to their owners.

Barbu Du Grubbe Varieties

Quail, Lavender, Black, Mille Fleur, Mottled, White, Porcelain.

Barbu Du Grubbe Status


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d grubbe - Maureen,

great for in a small space. Mine live in their up go and are happy. I have one that hides in the bushes. Not very good at laying. I have silver, quail and black. Just love them or hate them.7460