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Sussex Chickens

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Sussex History

The Sussex originated in the county of Sussex. They were prized table birds more than 100 years ago. The original colors were brown, red and speckled. The Sussex today is still a very popular breed to keep. Bred to be a dual-purpose bird, it is one of the most productive breeds we have today. The hen will lay around 260 large eggs that are cream to light brown in color. The Sussex is one of the oldest breeds that are still in existence today.

Sussex Behaviour

The Sussex chicken is an alert but docile breed that can adapt to any surrounding easily. They are good foragers. While they are quite happy to be free range, they will also be fine if kept in a confined space. They can occasionally but not very often go broody. The speckled is the most likely of the breed to do this.

Sussex Varieties

The colors found in Sussex chickens are brown buff, light red, speckled, silver and white. The Sussex chicken whatever its color should be graceful. The eyes are red in the darker varieties but are orange in the lighter ones. They have a medium sized single comb. The earlobes are red and the legs and skin are white in every variety. The brown and red varieties are rare now with the other colors being quite common.

Sussex Pictures

Speckled Sussex Tosca and Carmen at 1 year old
Philadeplphia the Lavender Sussex
Handsome Hector
Speckled Sussex pullets loving strawberries
Our chicken in the garden.
Chicken in run
Me and my Sussex
Friendliest boy ever
Light Sussex
Light Sussex Chicken
Omelette our Sussex settling in
A white chicken on a garden
Close up of chicken
A close up image of a white black and red chicken in front of a house
Hermionie Hen coming home!
A white chicken in a garden with a Eglu Cube behind it
 light sussex pullet
light sussex rooster
Snack time!
Lavender loves watching tv
Sussex rooster
Speckled Sussex
Our big but gentle Light Sussex rooster
Omelette and Marshmallow the Light Sussex hens
Miss Two-Tone, and her daughter, Big Bob
broody sussex
Our light sussex loves the nest box!

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Amazing Birds! - Sarah,

We have a light sussex and she is amazing! She lays one large cream egg almost every day! She will let us walk up to her and pick her up. She doesn't even peck our Faverolle and buff Orpingtons. If you are looking for a friendly, dual purpose bird this breed is definitely for you!

Great layers - Melonie,

Hens are beautiful and calm. Consistent layers. Wish the rooster had a better disposition. ???? They are doing really well in our Texas 100°+ heat, which surprised me. I give them cool treats but they’re doing great. I would recommend them!

Light Sussex hens - Sheila,

Wonderful chickens. Big birds, very attractive. Friendly and they come up to me and follow me round the garden. They go mad for sultanas - all four of them gobble them out of my hand. Bit of a frenzy! Eggs are really good. Out in all weathers. Alert and bright eyed and distinctive characters.

gud chick - Egco,

good chicken

A great garden bird. - Sue, Northumberland,

We've had our light Sussex hen, Sophie, for 7 years now and she's still giving us a lovely large brown egg every day. She's a wonderful pet, is happy to be handled and enjoys company.

Breeder Clubs for Sussex

Scottish Sussex Club

Telephone: 01569 766775

Sussex Poultry Club


Telephone: 01364 653182